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May 6th and 7th - Rained out all weekend...

May 13th - Finally after another week of rain, we were able to get back to one of our home tracks to race with the All Star Circuit of Champions. We looked forward to getting back to Lernerville to try out our new equipment at a track we were familiar with, and it did not disappoint! Adam started the night off great in qualifying again, Setting quick time early until the last group of cars went out. Blaney ripped off a better lap at the end along with a couple more cars putting Adam 4th quick out of 34 cars with the All Stars. He lined up to start 4th in his heat race and at the drop of the green we got pinned. "I got pinned in between 2 cars in turn 1 as I tried to make a move on Shaffer, and he bobbled so I had to check up." said Adam. We got passed by 2 cars and that hurt us in the heat race as we finished 6th. That put us in the B-main and that was no challenge for how good our car was. We had to line up 22nd in the A-main and like always Adam got to work. He had a strong first few laps passing cars and getting the feel of our new GF1. It was a long race with a lot of cautions so we had an open red on lap 20. The crew decided to make a few changes on the car to try some new things out since we didn't pass to many cars as the race went on. when the checkered flag flew, the 5k ended up 20th. "Not the finish we were looking for after such a great start to the night. You have to be in the dash every night to run well with the All Stars and I tried to set myself up for that in the heat race but we were all going for the same spot on the track in turn 1. the track wasn't very racey, you had to pound the top and if you went to the bottom you were getting passed. We learned a lot more with this car and look forward to moving forward!" Said Adam.

May 14th - rained out

May 20th - with no Fast series race we decided to go back to Lernerville for a regular night of racing. After the strong run with the All Stars we were hoping for a win. Adam started 3rd in his heat race and finished strong in 2nd place right on the leaders bumper. The redraw set Adam to start on the pole of the A-main. The crew got to work, setting the car up as Adam made the calls on the adjustments. At the drop of the drop of the green Adam and AJ Flick took off throwing slide job after slide job on each other. Lap 4 brought out the caution and Adam was in the lead. On the restart Adam dropped the hammer and set sail for a while until lap traffic hit. The traffic bunched up the top 3 guys and made it an interesting race. on lap 15, Adam was working his way back to the lead when the 3rd place car came in to throw a slide job on Adam and drove right into the side of him. Both cars went for a nasty flip down the front stretch and sadly destroyed the car. Adam is ok but the team is out for a few weeks as they try to rebuild. "That really hurt our budget, we had a bad luck night at the beginning of the season and now a junk racecar. We are doing our best to put another car together but we are also looking for a little extra sponsorship to help us get back on our feet. Its a bummer when a wreck that was caused by an uncalled for move to try and pass me, destroys the whole car. But I'm not giving up when we are going in the right direction with this team." said Adam